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Chinese Medicine That Revives Your Body in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Restore and replenish your body with radiance by allowing our talented practitioners to deliver healing treatments using Chinese medicine. At Leeds Chinese Medical Centre, we practice healing herbal treatments to reduce painful symptoms for clients in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine

Widely performed as an authentic part of traditional Chinese medicine, herbal treatments offer unique healing properties. Each herb is used to treat specific medical condition or disease. In ancient Chinese medicine, herbs were used to rectify hyper- or hypo-activity of yin and yang. This is still practised today, and helps restore body's health. We use specially formulated herbs, which include:

Flowers - Leaves - Stalks - Seeds - Roots

Delivering Healing Chinese Herbal Treatments

Of course, it is vital that you trust a fully qualified practitioner when you want to treat your ailment safely and properly. We are well-practiced, accredited Chinese medical practitioners who perform important procedures. Prior to delivering the treatment, we conduct a diagnostic interview relating to your health issues.

Receive a Free, In-Depth Consultation

Simply get in touch with our friendly therapists to arrange a consultation, completely free of charge. All of the herbal remedies we offer at Leeds Chinese Medical Centre are natural products with little or no side effects. Prior to prescribing your medicine, we take your pulse and examine your tongue. We offer three types of herbs, including:

• Herbal Decoctions - These are loose herbs that are boiled by patients to extract pharmacological ingredients. These traditional herbs are tailor-made, and are particular effective when higher doses are used.

• Herbal Powders - These are industrially prepared, dried powders produced from single herbs or herbal formulae. Easy to take, these powders are mixed to suit the needs of each individual.

• Herbal Tablets and Pills - These easy-to-use tablets are taken in lower doses. Suitable to treat minor health conditions, these products are available to purchase over the counter.

Alleviating Painful Medical Conditions

 There are many types of herbal remedies used to treat a variety of aches and pains. Our herbal remedies may be used alongside healing treatments, such as acupuncture  and tui na. Depending on your medical condition, we advise you on the quantity and course of treatment.

Contact us, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to find out more about the healing herbal treatments delivered by our Chinese medicine practitioners.