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Alleviating Medical Conditions with Complementary Medicine

Relieve medical conditions and alleviate pressure by consulting the fully qualified specialists at Leeds Chinese Medical Centre. Well-known as a tranquil complementary medicine clinic in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we treat clients in need of pain relief using authentic Chinese remedies and techniques.

Treating Specific Medical Conditions

While many illnesses may be treated safely and effectively using Chinese medicine, there are many conditions where Western medicine should not be substituted. These include:

Heart Disease - Diabetes - Bacterial Infections - Many Surgical Diseases - Cancer

Chinese Remedies That Offer Pain-Relief

Of course, there are many minor health conditions that are effectively treated using Chinese herbal medicine. Conditions commonly treated by acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbal remedies are detailed below.

However, our list only includes the basic details, and we invite you to contact our friendly staff to discuss your health condition.

Relieving Internal Conditions

Complementary medicine may be used to ease the pain of internal and respiratory conditions. These may include:

Asthma - Bronchitis - Indigestion - Constipation - Peptic Ulcers Diarrhoea - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Gastritis - Nausea and Vomiting - Palpitations - ME, Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Colds - Migraines - Colitis - Multiple Sclerosis - Flu - Nephritis  Hepatitis - Obesity - Hypertension -Thyroid Disorders

Muscular-Skeletal and Neurological Conditions

Highly effective in relieving physical pain, Chinese medicine is used when treating muscular-skeletal conditions. These include:

Arthritis - Neuralgia - Back Pain - Sciatica - Bell's Palsy - Sports Injuries - Stiff Neck - Frozen Shoulder - Stroke - Lumbago - Tennis Elbow

Treating Mental or Emotional Difficulties

Commonly used to treat a variety of mental or emotional stresses, complementary medicine is used to treat minor mental health conditions. These include:

Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Panic Attacks - Insomnia - Fatigue

Remedying Dermatological Conditions

 A restorative treatment, Chinese medicine offers relief to minor dermatological conditions. Many clients use traditional remedies to treat:

Acne - Herpes - Dermatitis - Psoriasis - Eczema - Urticaria - Hair Loss - Athletes Foot - Fungal Infections

Treating Gynaecological Problems

 Many women use complementary medicine to alleviate the pain of female medical problems. Conditions commonly treated using Chinese medicine include:

Amenorrhea - Irregular Periods - Dysmenorrhea - Miscarriage - Endometriosis - Morning Sickness - Cystitis - Menopause - Pre-Menstrual Tension - Pelvic Inflammation - Infertility - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Vaginal Discharge

Assisting in the Treatment of Addiction

 Many clients use traditional Chinese medicine to aid in the process of combating addiction. Complementary medicine brings relief the clients who want to stop using alcohol and tobacco.

Contact us, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to obtain more information about the tranquil
treatments performed by our complementary medicine specialists.