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Performing Soothing Tui Na Massage Treatments in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Treat tender, sore medical conditions while alleviating pressure and pain by allowing our talented practitioners to heal you. At Leeds Chinese Medical Centre, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we practice tui na, an ancient Chinese massage that rejuvenates your body.

Delivering Soothing Tui na Treatments 

Translated as acupressure, tui na is a traditional therapeutic technique that has been developed over many centuries in China. Particularly suited to treating painful medical conditions, tui na is a soothing massage that brings relaxing results. In many cases, tui na is as effective as acupuncture. Tui na is used to treat the following conditions:

Lumbago - Frozen Shoulder - Sciatica - Additional Conditions

A Specialised Chinese Massage Technique

Distinct from many skin-focused massages, tui na involves penetrating movements that activate the blood circulation of deep tissues. This pain-relieving technique reduces inflammation and releases pain. Of course, in tui na the practitioner uses calming, gentle movements that induce relaxation. Tui na is a specialist style of Chinese massage that may be performed on any part of the body, such as:

Legs - Back - Shoulders - Neck

Man Getting a Massage

A Relaxing Alternative to Sports Massage

As a traditional Chinese massage, tui na, or acupressure, may be mixed into our acupuncture treatments. It may also be used alongside Chinese herbal medicine.  Many clients prefer to receive tui na in place of sports massage. Priced at only £35, our tui na treatments last 30 minute, and may be delivered as one-off or multiple sessions. Prior to carrying out the treatment, we discuss your needs during a free consultation.

Contact us, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to obtain more details about the Chinese massage and tui na treatments delivered at our tranquil practice.